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poker online indonesia

There you have a chance to join in jackpot offer. The Poker online indonesia offers you three types of jackpots, they are Texas poker jackpot, Domino jackpot , Ceme jokpot. In Indonesian jackpot available in their system, with the latest and first jackpot system in Indonesia, you can buy a jackpot for only 100 rupees and win prizes of up to tens of millions of rupees. Jackpot is not a must to buy, but they provide an additional feature for their beloved members of them. There are three choices of jackpot prices that you can buy, namely: 100,500,1000 and 2000 (especially VIP table and above) rupees. Prizes from the Multi jackpot  system is your wish.  You can choose 10,250,1200 or 30000 times multiple of your bet. Domino Multi Jackpot System, There are three choices of jackpot prices that you can buy, namely: 100,500 and 1000 rupees. And the schemes are Pure Small, Pure Big, balak and six gods. That means 50,100 and 6666 times multiple your money. Ceme Multi Jackpot is seen from the combined player card with the city card. The dealer must buy a jackpot as many as the number of players sitting. For example, if there are 3 players sitting playing, and the dealer decides to buy a jackpot of Rp 1,000, then in that period the dealer will buy a jackpot of 3 for 3000 rupees. Here in this system also the same in Domino system, but the 100 times multiple is here 200 times. so please visit the site and earn more.